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State-of-the-Art Load Balancing

Load Balancing and Automatic Health Checks
Keep You Open for Business.

Get the most out of your Internet connectivity investment and keep network traffic moving smoothly at all times with Peplink Internet link load balancing. Peplink’s seven intelligent load-balancing algorithms automatically analyze network activity and efficiently distribute traffic, preventing slowdowns and productivity losses. Our Automatic Failover and Health Check technology continually monitors DNS, ping, and HTTP response on all connected links, rerouting traffic around dead links to ensure seamless connectivity.

Cellular Networking Support Frees You to Work Anywhere.

Cut the cord with the Balance's new support for cellular connectivity. Add a 3G, 4G LTE, or WiMAX modem and use the Balance as a primary or backup link in the office. Or take the Balance on the road and get intelligent load balancing, flexible traffic optimization, and all the other benefits of Peplink's leading enterprise-grade routing solution, wherever you do business.

A Built-In DNS Server Lets You Play the Perfect Host.

The Balance's built-in DNS server and features like inbound load balancing, inbound port forwarding, and one-to-one NAT let you host your own servers with the kind of reliability and responsiveness usually offered only by data centers. And that means more control, more customer satisfaction, and more business. The Balance even supports multiple dynamic DNS provision, allowing users to access ad hoc or persistent servers using simple domain names, instead of hard-to-remember and constantly changing IP addresses.

Easy Outbound Policy Management Helps You Stick to Your Mission.

Simplify outbound policy management, even with multiple WANs, using drag-and-drop rule priorities, per-application policies, routing by protocol, custom device rules, and domain-specific policies. No other router gives you this level of control, and it's easy to ensure that your most important traffic always gets VIP treatment.

Next-Generation VPN

SpeedFusion Shifts VPN Traffic into High Gear.

Get all your branch offices working together seamlessly with Peplink site-to-site VPNs, powered by SpeedFusion technology. Just install a Balance at each end of your VPN and connect up to 13 high-speed links. SpeedFusion gets your data where it's going quickly and reliably with automatic link bonding, application traffic and video prioritization, military-grade encryption, and traffic QoS.

Video Optimization Helps You Set Your Sights on 
Better Productivity and Collaboration.

Peplink's patent-pending Video Optimization technology is an exclusive innovation that accelerates and optimizes video broadcasting, conferencing, surveillance, and more. VideoFlow, part of every Balance, takes advantage of all connected links, including cable, DSL, and 3G/4G/LTE, to deliver reliable and consistently high quality video that improves productivity and collaboration across the enterprise.

IPsec, PPTP Support Plays Nice with Existing Systems.

The Balance supports IPsec VPNs, easing your migration to SpeedFusion site-to-site VPN technology. Deploy SpeedFusion and other network upgrades on your own schedule while using PPTP VPNs to provide continued remote access, link bonding, and load balancing to branch offices and other locations that are still using legacy gear. 

A Built-In PPTP VPN Server Means High Security on the Open Road.

With the Balance's built-in PPTP VPN server, remote users get convenient access to internal LAN resources without needing an additional VPN appliance or server. The Balance supports RADIUS authentication using existing corporate credentials, providing a secure connection for remote, work-at-home, and on-the-go access with iOS, Android*, and other mobile devices.

Enterprise-Ready QoS

Advanced QoS with User Grouping Makes 
Data Quality a Priority.

Advanced QoS with User Grouping delivers crystal-clear phone calls, flawless teleconferencing, and the assurance that mission-critical data takes priority at all times, even when network traffic is at its heaviest. The Balance continually monitors and adjusts traffic to deliver optimal performance and allows you to manage bandwidth by user and group to give you more control than ever.

Real-Time Bandwidth Monitoring and 
Auto Cutoff Keep Data Usage Under Control.

Real-time bandwidth reporting and automatic service cutoff help you avoid costly overage charges on capped data plans. Our Bandwidth Usage Monitor lets you monitor usage on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis, making it easier to analyze peak usage patterns and uncover irregularities that may point to misuse, viruses, or misconfiguration.
Straightforward Deployment

Drop-In Mode Gets You Up and Running in Minutes.

Drop-In Mode lets you expand your network without complicated redesigns and configuration changes. With Drop-In Mode, you can deploy a Peplink Balance in as little as 10 minutes while retaining your existing firewall and gateway router settings. 1+1 Backup Mode also allows connecting a second Balance to provide seamless backup connectivity in the rare event of device failure.

Dual Firmware Gives You Twice the Peace of Mind

The Balance features two independent firmware partitions and automatically checks firmware integrity, providing critical backup to keep you up and running if a firmware copy becomes corrupted due to power fluctuations or other issues. In addition, you can choose either firmware partition on startup, so it’s easy to test firmware upgrades before putting them to work full-time.

Forwarding Keeps You Ahead of ISP Server Issues.

Don't let incorrect application and system settings compromise your networking experience when using ISP-maintained servers. Keep email, HTTP, and other traffic flowing despite local system misconfigurations with features like seamless SMTP Forwarding and Web Proxy Forwarding.
Smart Security

Website Blocking Helps Staff Stay Focused.

Take control of your bandwidth usage, restrict sites, and avoid legal and PR problems with the Balance's website blocking feature. Whatever your industry, from business to hospitality, education to public service, website blocking helps to ensure appropriate usage and improves service quality for everyone.

Intrusion Detection and DoS Prevention Guards Your Network at All Times.

Protect your network from denial of service attacks and malware with Intrusion Detection and DoS Prevention, which keep your network up and running while limiting damage. Every Balance also includes a built-in firewall for basic, rule-based protection and domain name blocking.
Best-in-Class Compatibility

DSL/Cable Optimization Helps Your
Maximize All Your Links.

Beat uplink/downlink congestion and maximize your data transfer rates when using consumer-grade Internet links. The Balance's DSL/Cable Optimization feature optimizes traffic, relieves bottlenecks, and gets your data where it's going quickly, even during peak usage hours.

IPv6 Support Future-Proofs Your Network.

New IPv6 support protects your Peplink investment and ensures that you'll be ready as IPv6 deployment grows.
Easy Management

Our Web Admin Interface, CLI, and InControl Suit Every Management Style.

Manage your Balance your way. The Balance's built-in Web Admin Interface features drag-and-drop simplicity, Configuration Wizards, and extensive help to make management a breeze. For command-line fans and legacy users, there's our new CLI interface, and remote users can manage multiple Balance units from anywhere with InControl cloud-based management.

WLAN Controller and Captive Portals Simplify Wireless Administration.

The Balance's WLAN Controller supports up to 500 AP One access points and makes managing even the most complex networks simple and intuitive. Even better, you can administer both wireless and wired networks from the same easy-to-use interface. For guest access, our Captive Portals let you display custom splash screens to build your brand. You also get terms and conditions pages and bandwidth control settings to ensure a great Internet experience for all your visitors.



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