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IT Infrastructures

IT Infrastructures

Solid Designs with Solid Performance to help you concentrate on the important aspects of your company.

Our IT Infrastructures are designed to provide you with peace of mind and great performance, whether it’s a basic server or a fully high available virtual infrastructure with virtual desktops, we have the experience, knowledge and business acumen to help you make the right technical and economic decision to get the most out of you investment.

Server Systems

We offer both Physical, Hosted and Virtual Server solutions. Combining manaurfacture approved design concepts with best of breed hardware, our server team can provide you with the hardware or if need the virtual systems needed to power your business software.


Storage Systems

Storage is an important requirement that should be carefully planned. Too little and your going to need premature upgrades, too much and you have wasted valuable cash for your business. Our team of storage professionals can help you plan for today and tomorrow, using best of breed storage systems.


Data Protection & Business Continuity

Data Protection is the insurance you hope to never need. In today’s high tech business workplace electronic business assets can and usually are worth more than the tangible assets. Losing your digital information could mean thousands if not millions of euros worth of damage. Even worse is the potential damage to a company’s reputation.

Our team of consultants have the tools needed to ensure your data is protected and easily available if it’s ever needed.

We have a suite of tools that will allow you to backup and protect from almost all eventualities.