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Hosted/Cloud Services

Hosted/Cloud Services


We believe in providing our clients with the options they need to make the best decision for their company. Therefore we have built a Virtual and cloud based infrastructure using our partners technologies to provide these choices to our clients.

Our hosted and cloud product portfolio is design to assist clients to efficiently obtain the services they require for today and easily grow without over committing financial resources.

In today’s uncertain economic climate, where budgets are tight, knowing in advance your monthly operating expenses, and budgeting for them, will enhance your cash flow forecast, thus provide for better planning.

Our services are priced monthly and can be scaled to meet the demands for all companies. Thus providing our clients with transparency needed to make the right decisions when growing.

Services and products on offer

  • Hosted services for Web, Email and Servers.
  • Co-location and Disaster recovery
  • Desktop As A Service and Cloud computing
  • Hosted Telephony Systems
  • Virtual Networks and Multi-Site connectivity through the cloud.



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